About us
Information about company

We are producing toilet paper from recycled paper and cellulose. Also, we the producer of “TISSUE” tissue paper made in 100% recycling process which makes it biodegradable and ecological. We pay a lot of attention to the quality of our products, and what is enabled by our collaboration with the Paper Making Institute and Printing Industry in Lodz Polytechnic. We take care for the environment what is proved by Certificate of Health Quality of National Institute of Hygiene and our efforts in obtaining FSC® and Ecolabel certification. We are specialists in the production of multiple types of papers: toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning cloths for professional use in AFH industry, which the majority of we are selling to European Union countries. Our company is making products targeted at RETAIL industry, focusing on preparing and offering the best solutions in terms of best quality and price. We continually invest in technological lines and improvement of our employees. When it comes to our customers, we guarantee comfort in use of our products and satisfaction in the level of offered service.

Highest quality


  • FSC® certificate
  • Technological concept, know-how and constant cooperation with commercial institutions
  • Continuous improvement of employees' skills
  • Implementation of internal audit process
Ecological products


  • Recycling process based 100% on waste paper
  • We do not use chemical substances to discolor recycled paper
  • PZH Certificate
  • We source waste paper and cellulose from certificated resources
Lifetime experience


  • On the market nonstop since 1995
  • Gradual expansion of activity
  • Big portfolio of products
  • Experienced crew
Customer satisfaction


  • 99% satisfied customers
  • Systematic enhancement in selling volume
  • Launching new categories of products
  • Private label segment service

Our mission

Our main goal is taking care of the environment; therefore, the main profile of production is processing waste paper and in doing so we are protecting the woodland.

Instytut Papiernictwa i Poligrafii Politehniki Łódzkiej Certyfikat FSC

Company history

1995 – starting activity as a waste paper purchase
1998 - broadening activity to wholesale sale of hygiene products
2004 - first company’s own residence
2008 - building a new production facility with upgraded machinery park


Thanks to a new production line we are able to broaden our products that we offer and we are increasing our generative potential. Already in the first quarter of the current year we plan to launch a production of products such as disposable drape sheets.


Our company is primarily a family business. Running this company for the next generation is our main focus. This goal gives us power to further our resilient development. We are collaborating mainly with domestic producers because we are willing to broaden the economic patriotism and represent polish quality in the international market. Our priorities are individual to customer’s needs, thus our companies continually perfect ecological, productivity and quality abilities. We do it all to offer the contractors the most beneficial solutions and adjustments to their requirements. Its worth to TRUST us and COLLABORATE with us, because we aspire to build long-term positive relationships with our customers.